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Felipe Yung aka Flip

Amongst large brushes, paint and spray cans, Felipe Yung, also known as Flip, singularly cultivates organic textures and brings to paper, canvas and walls uniquely shaped images, influenced by his tireless researches on Asian culture.
His history begins at the neighborhood of Vila Mariana in São Paulo, and it reaches as far as Moscow and Tokyo. Paintings and spray paints, which transcend trends and tell us part of Brazilian Graffiti's history.
His work permeates various worlds, including urban culture, expressed in fashion, music and urban graffiti as well as ancient Japanese calligraphy and prints.
In a contemporary gesture, he conjugates figurative and abstraction, such as his painted trees, which when seen up close, are no longer the figure of a tree but abstract lines and camouflages.
It's also in the key of life and death that the artist works the question of pop in his composition. Solid beings containing a high dosage of pop
art, exhibiting indescribable frailty, many times provoking the thought that if they were to leave the walls in which they were painted on, they wouldn't have much time left in life. Nothing more alive and spontaneous than pop culture, but also nothing more fleeting.

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