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Eduardo Baruch

Eduardo Baruch is a Brazilian artist born in 1981 in Santa Catarina, Brazil. He started painting in 2004 in a very peculiar way. Baruch thoughtfully fuses ludic and poetic characters while destructively combining them with shadows and dust. He illustrates the characters as born pure with harsh worldly realities washing away innocence.

His work often features a single well-dressed character that expresses itself solely with its eyes. Subjects range from particular experiences to dynamic and exaggerated ludic stories created through moments of disappointment or love.

From the beginning of his artistic career in Brazil to today, Baruch has reached International success. His works have enchanted celebrities, politicians, and personalities including Gisele Bündchen and Sharon Stone among others.

Baruch's works are collected worldwide and are exhibited publicly and privately in cities such as Boston, Dallas, Hong Kong, London, Miami, New York, Osaka, Paris, Rome, and many others.

Eduardo Baruch

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